By Tanisia Moore

20-Plus must-haves for your hospital bag

Congrats, Mama, on your soon-to-be bundle of joy! As a mama of three, I OVERstand what it means to be short on time and patience. Whether this baby is number one or number four, packing for the hospital is never a fun task, but it's one thing that needs to get done. The sooner, the better. Especially if you're a mama that likes to wait until the last minute to get things done (slowly raises hand). A little fire under my tail tends to make me move a bit faster.

Can I be honest with you? Pre-packing your hospital bag in advance will save you time, energy, and possibly money. Because the reality is that planning for a baby is one of those wild card events. We're all hoping to make it to the finish line with a healthy baby in our arms. So, yes, in a perfect world, your hospital bag is packed and already by the door. (Definitely don't put it in the trunk of your car because you don't know when and where you may deliver.) Let's face it, babies don't usually come when it's a convenient time for you. Trust me, I have learned this from experience. But as the time gets closer to delivery, you want to tackle getting your hospital bag packed and prepared for your hospital stay. You will scour the internet to see what you need in your hospital bag.

All while trying to figure out how to install the carseat, paint the nursery, and put the crib together. There is a lot of information about what to put in your hospital bag. It can be overwhelming, especially if you're a new mom. If you're a first-time mommy, hear me when I say you don't need all of that sh^t! Pardon my language. Many of the suggested items from most mommy influencers, mommy-bloggers, and the like, are filler items. Plus, the hospital has in abundance some things like overnight pads, mesh panties (a true gift from God), baby diapers and wipes, formula, peri bottles, etc. They will give you some samples to take home with you. You just gotta ask!

Listen, you won't have time to read a book while in the hospital. I tried. Oh, and you're not going to have time to journal while you're there. Hard no. Between being poked and prodded every hour, you will be tired after having your little bundle of joy. The nurses come in and out constantly to check on you and your baby. The baby you just figured out how to put to sleep is now awake. Smh... Also, when I had my second daughter, they refused to take her to the nursey for me. Something about the baby and mom bonding. Plus, in the age of COVID, hospital stays are growing shorter and shorter. Unless you have a life-threatening emergency, you will be going home within 24-48 (maybe 72) hours after birth.

So what do you actually pack in your hospital bag? I'm glad you asked! Here's a list of must-haves and nice to have for your bag.

1. Non-slip socks
2. Bonnet/hair scarf
3. Shower cap
4. Toothbrush/toothpaste/mouthwash
5. Soap
6. Lotion
7. Chapstick
8. Facial wash/facial moisturizer
9. Nipple balm (if you plan on nursing)
10. Outfit for baby to go home in
11. Outfit for you to go home in
12. Comfy clothes to wear after delivery (I highly recommend wearing loose-fitting clothes- think maternity clothes)
13. Clothes for baby (we had a little fun with this in the hospital)
14. Shower shoes
15. Pillow
16. Blanket
17. Comb/brush
18. Hair ties
19. Deodorant
20. Baby blanket (especially if you don't want to use the hospital provided ones)
21. Baby socks, mittens, and hat
22. Phone/tablet/computer chargers
23. Nursing pillow

Also, don't forget about your partner. They will need a lot of the same stuff you need. But task them with packing their own bag. You got enough to worry about.

Lastly, at MomTings, we're about saving you time and money. Our Mommy Grab-n-Go bags are designed with you, the busy mommy, in mind. We have included many of the essentials to help alleviate the stress of packing your hospital bag. No need to run around and go to different stores. We will be adding more items to our bags over time. However, our goal will always remain the same, to not give you stuff you can't ever use at the hospital and at home.

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